Michelle Shively Harris

Counselling online and in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Space for You


Having worked with many individuals and couples over the years, I know that lots of us have times in our lives when we struggle to find our way through difficulties.

Working together, we can create the space and support you need to explore what troubles you and find a fuller, easier way of being.


There are times in all our lives when we feel overwhelmed and unable to see a way forward. Therapy can offer you a space to explore, understand and change how you experience and respond to the things that trouble you. Working together, we can discover the happier, more resilient and balanced you.

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Clinical Supervision

I currently offer clinical supervision to a wide range of practitioners online via Zoom and phone. Good supervision offers a secure base from which we can develop a clear sense of our own resources in support of our clients. I believe that supervision works best when it is flexible, creative, fun and underpinned by a sound ethical stance

How I Work

My initial trainings in counselling were integrative and relational with person-centered and psychodynamic foundations.

Increasingly my approach to therapy incorporates the principles of the Hakomi method: the practice of loving presence, a focus on present experience, the use of little experiments in mindfulness, moving towards integrating new, nourishing experiences. You can find out more here: hakomieducation.net.


I’m a qualified Relate counsellor (1997), psychosexual therapist (2001) and clinical supervisor (2015) now working in private practice.

Since 2016 I have been training in Hakomi with Hakomi Lancaster, completing in 2020. Hakomi is a mindfulness-based therapy of assisted self-discovery, offering a non-violent, compassionate approach. I’m currently working towards Certification and very happy to be able to incorporate this embodied, heart-centred approach to my practice.

I am a member of both The National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society and The Hakomi Education Network and am committed to their Codes of Ethics.

What I can help with

I am particularly interested in working with women and women’s issues. Here are just some of the many difficulties I work with:

Low self-esteem


Imposter syndrome

Bereavement and other losses

Anxiety and depression

Relationship problems

Female sexual difficulties such as painful sex or problems with penetration (sometimes called vaginismus and dyspareunia)

Get in touch

To arrange an initial session please email me below or leave me a message on 07462 870184.

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